October 15, 2011

Holiday Open House

Saturday December  3rd  9am to 4pm and Sunday December 4th  10am to 3pm

The summer markets are just about over so we  are switching gears.  There is a lot of work to get prepared for our annual Open House Weekend just 8 weeks away.  In a couple weeks Brian will be heading north to cut the first batch of balsam greens he uses to make our wreaths. Early November is a good time for this because the trees have had a few good frosts to set the needles.  He makes 2 to 3 trips in November to get all we need and assure the freshest greens possible.

My mom and I will be getting into our shopping mode to round up all the decorations needed to put on the wreaths.  After which we need to spend a few weekends planning the designs before we can start assembling them.

And as always there are gift baskets to be made along with offering all our usual maple products.  We will be open the following two weekends in December as well but the hours have not been decided just yet.