March 20,2024

Another season is complete for us and it was definitely shorter than normal.  Too much warm weather made for less sap than last year. But they all can’t be as good as that one was.

Our many thanks to all who joined us for our Maple Weekend last Sat & Sun.  It was really nice to welcome so many new visitors this year.  And we are always happy seeing old friends who’ve been loyal to us for our many long years at sugaring.  And it bears repeating that we can’t get through any of it without the help from our kids and grandkids.  They really make it easier for us to keep it all going.

Happy Spring and a joyful summer.  We’re looking forward to some new adventures this year.

Best wishes,

Brian & Sue

March 13, 2024

Maple Weekend Info

March 16th & 17th  10am  to 3pm

We will have ongoing tours in the sugarhouse of the maple syrup process from sap to syrup.  These are ongoing continuously through the day so if you miss one part, Brian will soon start over so you can hear it all.  

Kids can check out our Maple Leaf Trivia Questions hanging on the wall.  Read the questions and see if you have the right answers!  And the Adults can review the Nutrition Chart that shows comparisons between many sugars and how maple is a better option.

The shop will offer a full range of our pure maple products – Syrup, Cream, Candy & Sugar.  But don’t forget those other maple specialty products like Ledge Top Maple BBQ Sauce, Sunnyside Maple Mustard and Van Otis Maple Caramel Popcorn.  

Visiting Info

Please park in the parking lot if space allows but parking on the street should be limited to the even numbered side of the road.  

Do not park on the street immediately past our driveway as it’s a blind spot for people coming our way and blocks the view of those exiting the parking lot.  A short walk away there is parking on Sheepwash Rd as well.  

Mud is everywhere this time of year so proper footwear is a must too.  

There will be no bathrooms on site so plan accordingly.

February 20, 2024

Another mild winter is almost over and the sugar season is underway.  Brian tapped the 6th to 8th and we had our first boil on the 10th, which was the same as last year oddly enough.  After a few days of freeze up it looks like this coming week is going to give us more good weather for sap runs and we’re looking forward to it.

We have fresh syrup packed and ready to go. Grade A Golden Delicate and Amber Rich are available but no Dark Robust syrup yet.  We have restocked  those delicious maple cream cookies, maple caramel popcorn and maple caramels.  And as always we have our staples of maple mustard, maple BBQ sauce, maple pepper and pancake mixes.   Let’s hope our spring weather proves more typical though so we have a good season without any major warm spells. Fingers crossed.


2023 Holiday Open House
Folsom’s Sugar House 

Saturday December 2nd 9am to 4pm
Sunday December 3rd 10 am to 4pm
Open Weekends Sat & Sun thru December 10am to 4pm

We are gearing up for our Holiday Open House once again.   Over so many years we still totally enjoy making so many happy with our unique hand decorated wreaths. Our gorgeous, handmade balsam wreaths do go quickly, so be sure to come early for the best selection.

Think about getting your shopping lists in order too and planning a stop to pick up some purely delicious NH Maple Syrup and other goodies for your holiday gift giving.  

All our normal supplies are on hand of pure NH Maple Syrup, Candy, Cream and Sugar along with those other specialty maple and local products that have been favorites now for so long.  Maple Mustard, BBQ Sauce, Maple Drops, Apple Hill Farm Jams & Pancake Mixes, and Maple Seasonings. Remember, we always have a variety of Maple Gift Baskets for those hard to buy for family, friends, and coworkers.  

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.
with appreciation,
Brian & Sue

March 23, 2023

We’d like to thank everyone who came out for Maple Weekend.  It’s always great to get a chance to share the maple experience with so many visitors.  And based on the empty shelves at the end of the day Saturday and Sunday, plenty went home happy with some fresh maple syrup.

But along with that came the end to our season.  The warmer temperatures had some trees shutting down over a week ago and this week many more were done as well.  Overall we had a great season and look forward to getting all our production filtered, packed and recorded for another year.

Next Saturday & Sunday April 1st and 2nd we’ll be open 12-4pm as well as Saturday April 8th.  We will be closed Easter Sunday.  After that look for hours posted to the home page of the website and on Facebook.  We should be open most Saturdays throughout the year.

March 11, 2023

It’s been an incredible season so far.  We’ve made more syrup in February than ever in our 32+ years.  And the sap has been beautiful even now after a month of running.  The sugar content has been between 2 and 2.5% but is just now showing signs of dropping.  Yesterday I got to go out for a bit with Brian while he collected and I drove the Maple mule.  Crystal clear and bubbles show good sugar content, can’t ask for more!!

March 18th and 19th is Maple Weekend and we’ll be open 10-4pm both days.