March 25, 2018

Maple Weekend Wrap Up – Our warmest thanks to all the visitors we had this weekend.  Everyone was appreciative of all the hard work we do, the products we provide and the maple experience we offer. Folks were patient and gracious even when we ran out of products in the late afternoon Sunday.  And with over 2,000+ visitors there was no trash left behind.  Thank you all for using the trash receptacles and honoring the environment.  You’re the Best!!

And we can’t begin to thank our family enough for all the help they gave us this weekend.  Mom, Meg, Lynn, Terry, Andrea, Tyler, Kristy & Simon got us through a record weekend.  They are our support team always and we love them dearly.

Maple Month – Week #4 – We will be restocked next weekend with syrup, candy, cream, sugar and taffy.  Hours will be 12-4pm Saturday March 31st and Easter Sunday April 1st.  Hope to see you then.


Brian & Sue Folsom