March 20,2024

Another season is complete for us and it was definitely shorter than normal.  Too much warm weather made for less sap than last year. But they all can’t be as good as that one was.

Our many thanks to all who joined us for our Maple Weekend last Sat & Sun.  It was really nice to welcome so many new visitors this year.  And we are always happy seeing old friends who’ve been loyal to us for our many long years at sugaring.  And it bears repeating that we can’t get through any of it without the help from our kids and grandkids.  They really make it easier for us to keep it all going.

Happy Spring and a joyful summer.  We’re looking forward to some new adventures this year.

Best wishes,

Brian & Sue

March 13, 2024

Maple Weekend Info

March 16th & 17th  10am  to 3pm

We will have ongoing tours in the sugarhouse of the maple syrup process from sap to syrup.  These are ongoing continuously through the day so if you miss one part, Brian will soon start over so you can hear it all.  

Kids can check out our Maple Leaf Trivia Questions hanging on the wall.  Read the questions and see if you have the right answers!  And the Adults can review the Nutrition Chart that shows comparisons between many sugars and how maple is a better option.

The shop will offer a full range of our pure maple products – Syrup, Cream, Candy & Sugar.  But don’t forget those other maple specialty products like Ledge Top Maple BBQ Sauce, Sunnyside Maple Mustard and Van Otis Maple Caramel Popcorn.  

Visiting Info

Please park in the parking lot if space allows but parking on the street should be limited to the even numbered side of the road.  

Do not park on the street immediately past our driveway as it’s a blind spot for people coming our way and blocks the view of those exiting the parking lot.  A short walk away there is parking on Sheepwash Rd as well.  

Mud is everywhere this time of year so proper footwear is a must too.  

There will be no bathrooms on site so plan accordingly.