May13, 2013


Spring is moving along nicely.  The weather’s been a pretty good mix of moderate days and moderate rains now and then.  Other parts of the country would give their eye teeth for the balance we are having.  We just got back from vacationing in Utah and Colorado.  Beautiful, magnificent country but not so much in the water department.  Everywhere we drove in Colorado they had fields rigged with long runs of walking watering systems to keep the grass growing for the hundreds and thousands of beef cattle being raised.  We visited the Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah which are very different form one another but both spectacular in scope.  Mesa Verde in Colorado was interesting too as a point of origin for the Pueblo Indian culture.  And we learned something new.  There were American Indian groups way, way back that used spears to hunt buffalo.  The spears were named after the area where they were found (Folsom, New Mexico) and called “Folsom Tips” and they were used to hunt a larger species of buffalo called the “Folsom Buffalo” that was hunted to extinction.



Park Ave - ArchesThe Farmers markets are starting up already for the year.  We will be at Newburyport every other Sunday 9-1 pm through the fall.  Thursdays we will be set up at the Northwood Farmers Market from 3 -6:30pm.  We are on tap for Epping and Derry again too which will be Fridays  and Wednesdays respectively starting next month.  More details on those times soon.