February 26, 2016

This week is turning out to be a challenge for us.  Brian was out collecting yesterday when his truck died out in a field with a hundred gallons of sap in the back.  He then had to call for a tow to the repair shop.  Unfortunately since he needed to get the collecting tank out of the truck for the repairs to be made, he had to dump the sap he had.  Fortunately our friend Darrel was around and able to put the tank in the back of his truck and he and Brian were able to collect more sap.  If all goes well the truck will be fixed today and back in service.  Maybe we need to think about a new truck. lol

We will be open and boiling both days this weekend from 12 to 4pm.  And we will have maple cones on sale again starting this weekend.

Maple  Cream Cones                 1.50 ea

Maple Cream Cones
1.50 ea

February 20, 2016

It was a pretty good day for sugaring today.  The sun warmed things up well enough to get the trees going again.  The last 2 days the weather was close to the right temperature but not quite warm enough.  So come watch us boiling on Sunday afternoon from 12pm to 4pm.  The driveway and yard are dirt, therefore muddy in this weather so make sure your footwear is appropriate.

February 13, 2016

The wintery blast we are having right now has everyone frozen up in the sugaring world.  But that will hopefully work towards more normal early spring temperatures soon so we can get back to gathering sap after this coming week.  Next Saturday only we will offer sugar-on-snow (snow conditions permitting) from 12 to 4pm for those who want to stop by.

Brian has a new friend supervising the sap gathering this year.  This ruffed grouse was hand raised and now living free in his own territory at one of the gathering spots.  He checks things out following along as Brian goes from tree to tree in “his domain”.  As soon as Brian crosses that invisible boundary though he doesn’t follow.

Caution: Guard Grouse on duty!

Caution: Guard Grouse on duty!


February 3, 2016

Who can see this weather and not wonder about global warming?  Sheesh!  Brian has tapped about half the trees due to the warming conditions.  The sap ran Saturday and had a sugar content well over 2%.  He boiled Sunday and Monday and made a bit of syrup.  We’ll hold off tapping more trees for a bit to see how things go.  Could have a freeze up on the way soon.

If you are anxious to get out and talk maple drop in on Saturday.  We will be open from 12-4pm.  And if the weather cooperates we might have sap to boil besides.

Weird weather or not it’s always fun and challenging combined.  And we hope to have a chance to visit with our many long-time customers as well as some new ones as we celebrate out 25th season!  Brian built the original sugar house in 1990 and we opened to the public for the first time in the spring of 1991.  Wow!

December 5th, 2015

Today was truly enjoyable for this time of year.  That was the comment from almost everyone who dropped by today.  There are still wreaths and swags and kissing balls to pick from s well as all your favorite maple goodies.  The shop will be open Sunday from 10am to 4pm and we’ll have holiday hours the next 2 weekends as well.   12-4pm each weekend.

Open House Saturday 2015

Open House Saturday 2015

November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to All.  

We are looking forward to having almost all the family here for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  It will be great compared to last year when we had to run the generator to get dinner cooked.  Thank heavens for crock pots.  Even at that we had to borrow an oven at my daughter’s in-laws to bake the traditional bread pudding for dessert.  Our family can forgive no turkey on Thanksgiving but not my great-grandmothers bread pudding.  Hope you all have a warm and happy holiday with your family and friends.

The upcoming week will see us busy making candy and cream for the open house along with putting together some gift baskets for your holiday giving.  Brian will continue to make wreaths and we will be getting those all decorated too for the weekend event.  Hours will be:

Dec 5th 9am to 4pm  &  Dec 6th 10am to 4pm