March 1, 2014

Hope some of you can make it tomorrow to try sugar-on-snow.  We have a growing number of folks who grew up with this treat and look forward to getting some Maple Taffy from us.  Maple Taffy is essentially sugar-on-snow in a jar.  To make it the hot syrup is poured in jars, cooled in an ice bath and once at room temperature, then frozen for stability.  The frozen taffy needs to be refrigerated to get it soft enough to scoop out of the jar.  Traditionally you just enjoy it by the spoonful.  The texture is like soft caramel only silky smooth on your tongue.

Maple Taffy

Maple Taffy

February 25, 2014

Boiling  2014


First Boil 2014


Sunday we had a great day with the folks who dropped by to see the season get underway.  This shot was taken on Monday as the last of the sap was boiled down.  Just a beginning though with fervent hopes of lots more to come.  But not this week!  Patience, patience.  We’ll be open this coming Sunday 11am to 4pm.  Since we won’t be boiling and we actually have snow, come join us to try some Sugar-on-Snow!

February 22, 2014

Ready to Go!

Ready to Go!

Things are FINALLY looking ok for the first run of the season this weekend.  The truck is loaded up with the gathering tank and snowshoes and Brian is out making the rounds collecting.  We will be boiling on Sunday 2/23/14 from 12-4 so come join us if you can.  Looks like the weather will shut us down this coming week for a while to come.



March 26, 2013

Aahhhh - what a wonderful maple aroma in the steam of this late season boil.

Aahhhh – what a wonderful maple aroma in the steam of this late season boil.

The sap has been running great the last few days so we are making lots more syrup including Grade B.  It’s possible the way the weather’s running this week we might even have sap to boil on Saturday.  But it’s still early in the week and a few degrees of warmer temps here or there will throw that idea out the window.  Still we still haven’t heard any spring peepers which are told to be the predictors of the season’s end, at least in old maple sayings.

Hours:      Sat March 30 and Sunday March 31          12pm – 5pm

March 18, 2013

NH Maple Weekend Open House

March 23rd & 24th 10 AM to 5PM

Once again we look forward to welcoming visitors to our sugarhouse for NH Maple Weekend.  The “tours” we offer are in the sugarhouse.  Brian goes over the maple production process from start to finish over and over all day long.  So if you come in part way through just wait a bit and he’ll come back to the beginning.  Questions are always welcome anytime.  There are trees tapped close by to check out too both in the yard and down a short path.

In the store we’ll have a variety of samples of maple products to taste and buy.  And it would not be Maple Weekend without Maple Ice Cream Sundaes.  Those will be on sale too  ($2.00 ea) with your choice of maple walnut ice cream from Blake’s Creamery (made with real maple syrup) or vanilla ice cream for those who’d prefer that, topped with our own fresh maple syrup and real whipped cream.

As always we’ll have a special table set up with some handouts for the adults and kids in the crowd as take-aways from your visit (while supplies last).

Crowds can be expected so please try to park only on the right hand side of Candia Road or on Sheep Wash Road a short walk before you get to our place.  The driveway and parking area are dirt and with snow still on the ground, proper footwear is encouraged if the weather is mild.

 We accept the following:  Master Card, Discover & Visa

Sorry  - No Rest Rooms so plan accordingly.

Flowing Sap Video

We get questions all the time about how fast the sap comes out of the trees when it runs well.  Brian shot this video the day he started tapping and as you can see it was running GREAT!