February 25, 2014

Boiling  2014


First Boil 2014


Sunday we had a great day with the folks who dropped by to see the season get underway.  This shot was taken on Monday as the last of the sap was boiled down.  Just a beginning though with fervent hopes of lots more to come.  But not this week!  Patience, patience.  We’ll be open this coming Sunday 11am to 4pm.  Since we won’t be boiling and we actually have snow, come join us to try some Sugar-on-Snow!

February 22, 2014

Ready to Go!

Ready to Go!

Things are FINALLY looking ok for the first run of the season this weekend.  The truck is loaded up with the gathering tank and snowshoes and Brian is out making the rounds collecting.  We will be boiling on Sunday 2/23/14 from 12-4 so come join us if you can.  Looks like the weather will shut us down this coming week for a while to come.



February 3, 2014

Stack Up 2014

Things are moving along in preparation for the new season start.  Brian has been busy scrubbing buckets and spiles, putting a fresh coat of paint on the evaporator arch and getting the stack back up ready for the first firing of the season.  Not too excited about the prospect of 6-10 inches of snow this week.  But oh well.  This is New England after all!