February 20, 2024

Another mild winter is almost over and the sugar season is underway.  Brian tapped the 6th to 8th and we had our first boil on the 10th, which was the same as last year oddly enough.  After a few days of freeze up it looks like this coming week is going to give us more good weather for sap runs and we’re looking forward to it.

We have fresh syrup packed and ready to go. Grade A Golden Delicate and Amber Rich are available but no Dark Robust syrup yet.  We have restocked  those delicious maple cream cookies, maple caramel popcorn and maple caramels.  And as always we have our staples of maple mustard, maple BBQ sauce, maple pepper and pancake mixes.   Let’s hope our spring weather proves more typical though so we have a good season without any major warm spells. Fingers crossed.