February 19, 2017

Brian collected yesterday afternoon for the first time this year.  He was off again at 7 am collecting today and will hopefully finish collecting by noon.  We will be open from 12:30 to 4:30pm today and welcome anyone who wants to stop in for our first boil of the season.  Obviously we won’t have syrup yet but we can all enjoy some sugaring talk and get our fill of the sweet maple steam rising off the evaporator.

Opening up a field for tapping.

Opening up a field for tapping.


December 2, 2016

We’ve worked hard to get lots of products ready for the shop.  There are items for gift giving, yankee swaps, teacher appreciation, thank you gifts etc.  Here’s a list of some items:  Maple Syrup, Maple Cream, Maple Candy, Maple Sugar, Maple BBQ Sauce, Maple Mustard, Maple Caramel Popcorn, Maple Fudge, Maple Pepper and Pancake mixes.

Weekend Hours 10am to 4pm through Dec. 18th


February 13, 2015

Opening up a field for tapping.

Opening up a field for tapping.

Holy smokes!  The snow just keeps coming and there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of sugaring temperatures coming in anytime soon.  Like everyone else there’s been plenty of plowing and roof shoveling going on the last month and more tomorrow.  Brian had to load his tractor up on a trailer and plow out a couple locations to make them accessible once the weather breaks.

Just a little snow.....

Just a little snow…..

Shoveling off the Sugar House

Shoveling off the Sugar House

November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Our thanks to all who have served. 

Brian is off this morning too cut greens for the first time.  The Channel 9 weather said there had been some snow up in the Littleton area yesterday so hopefully it will have melted some and will be off the trees.  It’s really hard to cut good boughs when you can see them for the snow.  The wreath designs are coming along with my mom and I.  There are festive Christmas themed wreaths of course, and wintery wreaths and we always have a following for our forest friends wreaths.  It’s a very diverse group from glam to folk to just plain cute.

Brian heading out to cut boughs 2012

Brian heading out to cut boughs 2012

March 1, 2013

It’s so nice to have the weather we’ve been getting.  Last year beside no snow the temperatures were frighteningly warm.  We ate out on our deck 3 nights during mid-March last year.  No worries there this year thankfully!  So let us hope we have a few more visits from  the northern jet stream to keep things cool and make a decent sugar season for all.

As an added offering tomorrow and Sunday we’ll have a fresh batch of our maple cones on sale.  And we will once again have Maple Cupcakes from Chesters’ own E & D’s Cupcakery, LLC.   The cupcakes come in a 4 pk for 9.00.

Maple  Cream Cones                 1.50 ea

Maple Cream Cones
1.50 ea


February 22, 2013

Hours for this weekend will be Saturday 12-4 pm. We may be boiling if the weather warms the trees up enough today for a run.  We’ll see though.  Sunday is up in the air since the weather is looking poor for Sunday.  We’ve have made lots of Light Amber syrup for those of you who look for “first run“.

Hope everyone is getting ready for the snow on Sunday.  During the last storm the snow was so fluffy we never had any trouble with power outages.  But I doubt we’ll be so lucky this time with the heavy wet snow that’s predicted.  Stay off the roads and stay safe.