October 15, 2011

Holiday Open House

Saturday December  3rd  9am to 4pm and Sunday December 4th  10am to 3pm

The summer markets are just about over so we  are switching gears.  There is a lot of work to get prepared for our annual Open House Weekend just 8 weeks away.  In a couple weeks Brian will be heading north to cut the first batch of balsam greens he uses to make our wreaths. Early November is a good time for this because the trees have had a few good frosts to set the needles.  He makes 2 to 3 trips in November to get all we need and assure the freshest greens possible.

My mom and I will be getting into our shopping mode to round up all the decorations needed to put on the wreaths.  After which we need to spend a few weekends planning the designs before we can start assembling them.

And as always there are gift baskets to be made along with offering all our usual maple products.  We will be open the following two weekends in December as well but the hours have not been decided just yet.



April 7, 2011

The buckets are all down and based on the weather forecast for this weekend we’ll all be in shorts.  I still haven’t heard the spring peepers though which is one of the sure signals that Spring has sprung and the season is done. Brian is back at electrical work and I need to get my house back in order from the neglect brought on during sugar season when my focus is elsewhere.

Due to the calls we have been getting we have decided to open this Saturday April 9th from  12 pm to 4 pm.

April 3, 2011

Th-Th-That’s all Folks! The season has ended for us.  Yesterday morning Brian was out collecting and he could smell the change in the sap.  So we boiled for the last time yesterday.  Now it’s time to pull buckets and start thinking about next year.  There’s lots of wood to get ready which will take a good deal of time from now until fall.  We went through a good 12 cord this year so we need at least that again.

Hopefully we’ll see some of you again between now and next year at a Farmer’s Market or Fair.  Remember you can arrange to pick up products off season by just giving us a call.  Brian’s cell is best – 370-0908.

Our thanks to all who came to visit and shared their time with us.  We truly enjoy the connections we make with everyone year to year.

Best Wishes,

Brian and Sue Folsom

March 31, 2011

This is going to be one of the few years in the 20+ we have been sugaring when we actually expect to have sap to boil in April that will be likely produce Grade A syrup. Many trees have just been gushing sap this whole week and Brian has been out straight collecting and boiling non-stop.  It is very possible we will be able to boil this weekend but we’ll know better later tomorrow.  Now the worry is will the wood holdout???  There is still a small pile left and if needed the wood for the house will get reallocated to the sugar house.

Hours this weekend will be 12 pm to 5 pm Sat and Sun

Saturday we will be boiling  - not sure about Sunday yet.

We have packaged more Grade B Syrup along with all the Grade As

This will be our last weekend with regular hours.

Please call ahead after April 3rd to arrange to purchase products.

March 24, 2011

How’d you like those snow flurries today?  And the sun shining through most of it was pretty weird looking. Brian is boiling tonight and collected sap today with the trees still running.  So far the syrup is still grading Grade A Dark.

We will have sap to boil this weekend and will open

Saturday and Sunday 12 pm to 5  pm.

March 22, 2011

Weekend Recap – OMG!  Lovely weather got oodles of folks out to the sugarhouses all over the State.  And we had our fair share too with the help of an article in the Sunday Union Leader.  Fortunately we gather the family forces to help us out at these busy times to help keep up with everything.

We really have to mention how patient and polite everyone was especially on Sunday with the really long lines waiting for ice cream.  Added to that the slow lines checking out in the afternoon because our cash register decided to die. And our sincerest apologies go out to those who came late in the day to find most if not all our products had been sold.  We try very hard to plan ahead and have enough selection for all but we can never know in advance how many will come and buy.  Our thanks to all for your cooperation and patience and for making it a wonderful weekend.