March 12, 2014

Hours Sat 3/15 and Sun 3/16    12pm – 4pm

Finally had a decent run at the top of this week and looking for more after the storm passes by.  One sugar maker we know says there is nothing like a good rain to get the trees loosened up.  But we still aren’t looking for it to be too warm yet.  Everyone else is flying off to Florida and Cancun for those spring break trips.  Leave that weather there for now.  Your local maple producers need a bit more winter yet.

Brian had a chance to make some fresh maple candies the other day.  Here’s a picture of them all lined up ready to go into their boxes.

Fresh Maple Candies

Fresh Maple Candies



March 6, 2014

We have decided to do sugar-on snow again on Saturday since it doesn’t look like we’ll have enough sap to collect and boil by then.  So come give it a try on us.  And as always we’ll have other maple samples out to try.   If the temperatures hold up we might actually be boiling on Sunday.  Maybe – hopefully…….

Open 12pm – 4pm   Sat 3/8/14 and Sun 3/9/14

March 5, 2014

Keep your eyes open for melting this weekend.  If the temperatures get up where they say we should see another run this weekend.  Please, please, please!!

  Open 12pm – 4pm   Sat 3/8/14 and Sun 3/9/14

March 1, 2014

Hope some of you can make it tomorrow to try sugar-on-snow.  We have a growing number of folks who grew up with this treat and look forward to getting some Maple Taffy from us.  Maple Taffy is essentially sugar-on-snow in a jar.  To make it the hot syrup is poured in jars, cooled in an ice bath and once at room temperature, then frozen for stability.  The frozen taffy needs to be refrigerated to get it soft enough to scoop out of the jar.  Traditionally you just enjoy it by the spoonful.  The texture is like soft caramel only silky smooth on your tongue.

Maple Taffy

Maple Taffy

February 25, 2014

Boiling  2014


First Boil 2014


Sunday we had a great day with the folks who dropped by to see the season get underway.  This shot was taken on Monday as the last of the sap was boiled down.  Just a beginning though with fervent hopes of lots more to come.  But not this week!  Patience, patience.  We’ll be open this coming Sunday 11am to 4pm.  Since we won’t be boiling and we actually have snow, come join us to try some Sugar-on-Snow!

February 22, 2014

Ready to Go!

Ready to Go!

Things are FINALLY looking ok for the first run of the season this weekend.  The truck is loaded up with the gathering tank and snowshoes and Brian is out making the rounds collecting.  We will be boiling on Sunday 2/23/14 from 12-4 so come join us if you can.  Looks like the weather will shut us down this coming week for a while to come.



February 3, 2014

Stack Up 2014

Things are moving along in preparation for the new season start.  Brian has been busy scrubbing buckets and spiles, putting a fresh coat of paint on the evaporator arch and getting the stack back up ready for the first firing of the season.  Not too excited about the prospect of 6-10 inches of snow this week.  But oh well.  This is New England after all!


January 26,2014

There hasn’t been this kind of cold in January for quite a few years.  It will be interesting to see how these extensive cold patterns affect things in the next few weeks when we typically begin our sugar season.  Yesterday we attended the annual NH Maple Producers winter meeting.  The topic of the day was moving NH forward in adapting it’s state maple regulations to align with the newly established international grading standards.  The NH Department of Agriculture was on hand to outline the proposed changes to the existing language and ask for input from producers.  There will be a public hearing sometime over the summer when the new language is ready to go forward.  The new grading will allow all maple producing states and provinces to have the same labeling for their syrup.  The benefit is meant to help the consumer find the same flavor grade wherever they buy their syrup thus avoiding some of the confusion between light, fancy, dark, extra dark,  amber etc.  One state has adopted these new standards for this year and we hope NH will be ready to implement them starting next year.

On another note, we can’t keep the feeders filled for a day at a time with the cold.  The birds and squirrels are stripping them constantly.  The wood pile for the house is getting used up pretty quickly too as the wood stove has been put to extra duty.  We bought this stove shortly after we first moved here.  We guess we have had it for 35 years and it’s always performed great.  Of course we have had little incidents like Fisher Price people getting put down the vents that had to be fished out and a squirrel that got stuck in the chimney trying to come out through the stove connection.  Stay warm and stay tuned for progress on the sugaring season.

November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Our thanks to all who have served. 

Brian is off this morning too cut greens for the first time.  The Channel 9 weather said there had been some snow up in the Littleton area yesterday so hopefully it will have melted some and will be off the trees.  It’s really hard to cut good boughs when you can see them for the snow.  The wreath designs are coming along with my mom and I.  There are festive Christmas themed wreaths of course, and wintery wreaths and we always have a following for our forest friends wreaths.  It’s a very diverse group from glam to folk to just plain cute.

Brian heading out to cut boughs 2012

Brian heading out to cut boughs 2012

October 18, 2013

The summer and fall markets are pretty much over.  You can alway’s call to arrange a time to come by and pick up some product.  Right now we’re getting ready to attend the North American Maple Conference in Moncton, New Brunswick.  Should be a great 3 days of technical and research updates related to the maple industry.

Once we return the focus will turn to prepping for our Holiday Open House.  The north country has had plenty of cold weather to set the balsam needles that give our wreaths their longevity.  Mark you calendars for Dec 7th and 8th or drop us a line and we’ll send you a postcard reminder.

Holly Wreath