February 10, 2019


It may be officially still winter but spring is on the way.  Brian started tapping today after the serious winds of yesterday have died out.  No fun trying to hang buckets when the wind will blow them down as fast as you can hang them!!! LOL  The New Hampshire Maple Producers Association held our Regional Meeting this past Tuesday and many producers at the meeting had yet to tap out.  But it sounded like we’re all set to get started this week waiting for the next batch of warm weather to get the trees going.

BrianCollectingWith any luck Brian will be out collecting before the end of the week and we’ll have some sap to boil to sweeten the pans.  We won’t make much if any syrup when that happens because most of the partially concentrated sap stays in the pans to create the various sugar levels of the processing. But it’s still chilly so it’s the wait-and -see game now.

BoilingEvaporatorOnce we get that going, it’s always good to see and hear the evaporator roaring along with a hot fire and lots of steam rolling off.  The heavenly aroma of maple syrup being boiled is something you never get tired of.  








January 16, 2019

Happy New Year to All!

Now that we’ve had a few quiet weeks after the holidays, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming sugaring season.  Last Saturday we attended the annual business meeting for the NH Maple Producers Association.  It’s a great opportunity to catch up with our fellow producers to see what’s on everyones mind and what new equipment folks are using to make their operations more efficient with added quality control.  We’re also looking forward to the Regional Meetings that will be hosted around the state so that folks in each region have another opportunity to meet up with other local sugar makers and talk about all things maple.

Once again this year we’ll be participating in NH Maple Month.  It’s a promotional effort sponsored by the NH Maple Producers Assn to help spread the interest in visiting sugar houses out through a few weeks rather than have everyone just dropping in on Maple Weekend.  But don’t worry, we’ll be doing Maple Weekend on March 23rd and 24th just like always so watch for details in early March!



Looking for good home.

It’s only 8 more days until our Holiday Open House.  Brian has been making wreaths non-stop since his first cutting.  Mom and I have finished making the wreath prototypes for the decorated ones.  It’s always so much fun bringing them to life and enjoying the creative flow from each other as we try to make something fun and festive for folks to enjoy.  Most of you probably don’t know we’ve been making wreaths as long as we’ve been sugaring.  That’s over 27 years!

Brian will cut more greens this week for the rest of the wreaths and swags we need to make.  Waiting to cut until after a hard frost in the north country helps our wreaths hold needles well into the winter.  Most last into early spring if not in direct sun.  So don’t miss out and come by December 1st 9am to 4pm and December 2nd 10am to 4pm.  

We look forward to seeing you then!

July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July to All!  Hope you all have had a nice spring and are enjoying the summer weather despite these temps in the 90s.  Things have been busy here but we’ve also had some great time to get away here and there.  After getting all the buckets washed and evaporator cleaned up at the end of the season we had the chance to go ride the Lamoille Rail Trail in Morrisville Vermont.  Nice easy riding and beautiful country.  On the one rainy day we had, we went to the Shelburne Museum.  A place we hadn’t been in over 30 years.  It was great to see all the history there.  One item of special interest was the Folk Art Sugar Camp diorama.  You don’t see many maple folk art around anymore.

Folk Art Sugar Camp, Shelburne Museum VT

Folk Art Sugar Camp, Shelburne Museum VT

March 25, 2018

Maple Weekend Wrap Up – Our warmest thanks to all the visitors we had this weekend.  Everyone was appreciative of all the hard work we do, the products we provide and the maple experience we offer. Folks were patient and gracious even when we ran out of products in the late afternoon Sunday.  And with over 2,000+ visitors there was no trash left behind.  Thank you all for using the trash receptacles and honoring the environment.  You’re the Best!!

And we can’t begin to thank our family enough for all the help they gave us this weekend.  Mom, Meg, Lynn, Terry, Andrea, Tyler, Kristy & Simon got us through a record weekend.  They are our support team always and we love them dearly.

Maple Month – Week #4 – We will be restocked next weekend with syrup, candy, cream, sugar and taffy.  Hours will be 12-4pm Saturday March 31st and Easter Sunday April 1st.  Hope to see you then.


Brian & Sue Folsom


March 20, 2018 1st Day of Spring

NH Maple Weekend Open House

March 24th 10am to 5pm & 25th 10am to 4pm

Once again we look forward to welcoming visitors to our sugarhouse for NH Maple Weekend.  The “tours” we offer are in the sugarhouse and FREE!  Brian goes over the maple production process from start to finish over and over all day long.  So if you come in part way through just wait a bit and he’ll come back to the beginning.  Questions are always welcome anytime.  There are trees tapped close by to check out too both in the yard and down a short path.  And be sure to check out the Maple Leafs with Maple Trivia questions to test your maple knowledge.

In the store we’ll have a variety of samples of maple products to taste and buy.  And it would not be Maple Weekend without Maple Ice Cream Sundaes.  Those will be on sale too  ($2.00 ea) with your choice of maple walnut ice cream from Blake’s Creamery (made with real maple syrup) or vanilla ice cream for those who’d prefer that, topped with our own fresh maple syrup and real whipped cream.

As always we’ll have a special table set up with some handouts for the adults and kids in the crowd as take-aways from your visit (while supplies last).

PARKING: Crowds will be expected so please park only on the right hand side (our side) of Candia Road or on Sheepwash Road a short walk before you get to our place. No parking is allowed in front of our mailbox or on the hill beyond our driveway for safety reasons.

FOOTWEAR: The driveway and parking area are dirt so with the snow they will be muddy/slushy.  Proper footwear is encouraged.

RESTROOMS: We do have a Porta-Potty located on site for your convenience next to the cordwood stacks behind the sugarhouse.

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express and Apple Pay.